How It All Started
Losing my father at a young age, I had always felt empathy for children who are missing their parents. After seeing so much suffering first hand after visiting Africa and coming home with a heightened awareness of the children hurting here as well, I wanted to to do something. It is heart breaking to try and relate losing one parent as opposed to losing both. Making it a goal in my life to help these children, I took the opportunity to learn how I could make a difference for these children. 

The beginning of my journey started when I became a Board of Governor’s member for Opportunity International, which is an organization that provides loans, savings, insurance, and training to people living in poverty. During this period of time I flew to Florida to hear speakers from around the globe discuss their situations and how big of an impact they are able to create with small donations. Having a better idea of what needs to be accomplished, I flew with a team to Uganda to visit displacement camps, orphanages and schools, and the result of this trip was the beginning of Opportunities for Orphans. 

Opportunities for Orphans is my contribution to children all around the world. The goal is to provide children with scholarships, financial assistance, technology and basic needs to help them have a brighter future.  After getting married in 2012, my husband David Ahern joined me in working towards this goal.  We have laid the groundwork and we hope you will join us in moving this project forward.  

Mission Statement
Our mission is to provide for the overall well-being of children orphaned or lacking parental or financial support in the world through developing and supporting programs that promote support and education. 


Building a Brighter Future for All